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INCISES, Classical music record Label

In the age of digital and dematerialization, INCISES (in homage to Pierre Boulez's renowned work) is a new label that brings together artistic, editorial and technical know-how around its founders, Stéphanie Flament (press officer for Alpha, Zig Zag Territoires, Ricercar...) and Franck Jaffrès (co-founder and artistic director of Zig Zag Territoires).

The choice of repertoires (from early music to jazz), recording locations, the quality of equipment and sound recordings, the partners (graphic designers, photographers, musicologists and printers): all together add value to our editorial projects.

Because the world is changing, INCISES also follows the digital trend to reach the greatest number of people and opens up its possibilities to offer albums that are neat and designed for digital platforms, thanks to the originality of its artistic projects, the quality of its recordings and the care given to editorial content.

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