Festival de Caunes-Minervois

An eclectic musical programming:
Supported by renowned musicians, the festival has been exploring classical and contemporary music, world music and jazz since 2018. The festival also encourages creation, with a new commission performed each year and promotes exchange through meetings with artists.

The place: Located on the borders of Carcassès and Minervois, at the foot of the Montagne Noire, the Abbey of Caunes welcomes festival-goers for moments of conviviality, osmosis between music and this place steeped in history.

Ponsoise Baroque Festival

A new meaning:
The adjective baroque does not only refer to a period that could be located between Monteverdi's Orfeo in 1607 and Bach's death in 1750. In its etymological sense, it means: irregular, imperfect or strange while serving beauty. It thus allows for all kinds of blends of styles, periods and cultures.

Like a total show, the Pontoise Baroque Festival creates its own specificity of the encounter of music with dance, theatre, decorative arts, etc.

Mélanie Levy-Thiébaut

In 1989, she obtained at the Conservatoire National Supérieur de Musique de Paris (cnsm) a 1st Prize for Harpsichord, a 1st Prize for Continuous Bass, a 1st Prize for Chamber Music. She studied musical analysis with Alain Poirier and writing with Catherine Brière. After having entered the Conservatory of the Liceo de Barcelona in Antoni Ros-Marbà's class, she won the 1st Prize for Conductors at the International Competition of the Spanish Ministry of Culture in Madrid with the Orchestra of the Madrid Opera.

Ensemble Sébastien de Brossard

"I must admit, the court is a country whose roads and detours I know so little about that country that if someone is not kind enough to guide me there, I would be at great risk of getting lost."

Brossard was a smuggler.
May the Ensemble Sébastien de Brossard be in his image.

Music & Publics

Independent consulting and engineering agency, at the service of public authorities, cultural companies and musicians.

International Art Management

International Art Management is an agency of classical musicians where the emphasis is on close and personal collaboration between the artist and his manager. The agency's aim is to highlight the personality and potential of each musician. It includes artists of different nationalities and international renown, it is particularly interested in accompanying young artists.

La Maison Illuminée

La Maison Illuminée is a group of artist-musicians that varies according to the musical projects.

It can be adapted to suit any space to highlight timeless sounds.

Placed under the artistic direction of Oswald Sallaberger, it explores repertoires ranging from 18th century music to contemporary music.

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