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You have a musical project, you have an image to build...

UNIK ACCESS produces your records & videos, records your concerts, communicates on your events, creates your websites, proposes musical programs around exhibitions or institutional events, etc..


  • Soloists
  • Chamber music training courses
  • Orchestras
  • Composers

Live Show

  • Festivals
  • Concert Halls
  • Multidisciplinary Scenes

Institutional investors

  • Publishers
  • Producers
  • Conservatories
  • Public authorities
  • Museums
  • Foundations
  • Patrons

The founders

UNIK ACCESS is a music production and communication agency.

UNIK ACCESS ACCESS proposes to create productive and fruitful synergies.

UNIK ACCESS develops the necessary mediations to ensure that projects are properly integrated into today's artistic, professional and economic reality.

UNIK ACCESS is the meeting of two music lovers with complementary professional skills.

Our goal: to offer a « tailor-made », efficient and personalized service to artists and projects.

Stéphanie FLAMENT

Trained musician, communication director, press officer since 1999 in the music sector; has worked for renowned record labels such as ZIG-ZAG TERRITOIRES, ALPHA, ARCANA, OUTNOTE, etc.


Trained musician and co-founder of the ZIG-ZAG TERRITOIRES label, he has been working as a sound engineer, artistic director and publisher in the fields of classical music, jazz and world music since 1988.

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